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China Development Research Foundation office building——500m2 fire wall contract has been signed... (2011/7/14 )
Oriental Art Center Office Building of Beijing Branch of Agricultural Bank of China Co., Ltd.——7000m2 wall is under construction... (2011/7/14 )
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Cosmos series
Suitable for great space which expresses a sense of power, robust and generous space separation, with both transparent and a sense of body mass. With super high design, from technical and safety point of view, it is lined with 4.0mm steel series of upright column, which leaves possibilities for desi...
Crystai series
The most lightweight and transparent separated space. This can achieve elegant and perfect idea in personalized design, exposed to “ice” room, and experience clear quietness and smooth elegance!...
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Keffier, established in 1996, is the planner and implementer of total solutions for world leading modern office environment. Based upon high-end office cubicles, we implement forward-looking design and excellent quality, ...

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