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Customer service
    Customer service


Service assurance measures:
Perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sale service; dedicated to customers, design fashionable and stylistic pattern to create a brand-new, comfortable, healthy ideal office environment for customers.
Independent professional consultants, dedicated to follow-up major projects, project conception till implementation of completion. Provide all-round service for customers. Sales consultant is well-trained, who can deal with all transactions between designers and contractors for customers, follow up all types of orders and engineering details, ensure products delivery and smooth installation, and handle all the detail issues on construction site.
Through advanced computer graphics equipments, help you plan the most space-saving and the most cost-effective office layout, use dynamic picture, and show your future office in advance.
Personalized service: a business manager appointed by the company provides personalized service.
Specific service details:
I. Overview
The company has complete sales, installation, repair, maintenance departments and self-own finished product warehouse and spare parts warehouse, which can undertake all delivery, installation, repair and maintenance services all over the country.
II. Warranty conditions
1. Applicable regulations: in the original purchase contract, purchaser has warranty rights. Warranty rights are applicable to the products which the company sells to purchaser.
2. Free maintenance regulations: the warranty period is five years from the date of buying our products. Within the warranty period, if product quality issues arise in normal circumstances that affect customer's normal use, the company provides free home repair services. The remaining costs occurred such as materials, transportation, labor etc. shall be bored by the company.
3. Paid services regulations
AAfter five-year warranty period, if the product has quality problems which needs parts replacement, spare parts cost will be charged at the market cost price; labor and transportation costs are waived.
BProduct damage from non-human control causes, such as typhoons, floods, earthquakes and other irresistible natural disasters, and human damage or improper use of client which is not caused during our company’s delivery, installation, relocation shipment, our company will be dedicated to provide maintenance services with passion. As for those which need to replace spare parts, spare parts cost will be charged at the market cost price; labor and transportation costs are waived.
4. Replacing regulations
Under special circumstances in which it needs to replace spare parts, it is subject to instructions of relevant department of the company; the purchaser must bring Purchase Contract and Product Quality Warranty Card. Keep the damaged parts for verification.
Third, service plan
1. The company has offices in Beijing, responsible for handling customer’s inquiries and maintenance requirements, and ensures that professionals are sent within 24 hours. Service telephone: 4006 -120-340
2. After product delivery, the Company will regularly send professionals to provide home repair walls and make sure that customers can use normally.
3. Supervision services: in case that customer complaints, our company set a 24-hour complaints phone.
4. Quality services: if customer meets non-human quality issues within quality assurance period, our company will unconditionally replace it. After sale supervisor will pay home visit to apologize in person and monitor the quality in later period.
5 Assessment service: in January of each year, our company will provide customers evaluation. Our customers will evaluate our service within one year.


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